Best Serviced Apartments in Camp Road Junction

Best Serviced Apartments in Camp Road Junction

Best Serviced Apartments in Camp Road Junction

Great Location, Service and Stay.

Our serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment available for short-term or long-term stay, providing hotel-like amenities such as Free Wi-fi Services, 24 Hours Water Service, room service, CCTV Cameras, house keeping, 24 Hours Security, a fitness center, a laundry room, and a rec room.

Our Serviced apartments offer facilities much like a traditional hotel but with added space, convenience and privacy like home, so you can enjoy living like a local when travelling – and usually at a much lower cost.

Our Serviced Apartment is more of a home, with utilities that enable more Freedom and Comfort. Central location or very good connections to public transportation.

Our serviced apartment typically has more square meters than a Traditional Hotel room. We have room for your sports equipment! It  is substantially cheaper than a hotel room when staying for a longer period of time. Both because of the actual cost of the apartment compared to a hotel room, but also because of the possibility to cook for yourself and not having to eat out on every meal.

It resembles the culture of the specific area. It gives insight into what a real local apartment would look like, giving a more comprehensive immersion of the culture and values compared to hotel rooms, which usually all look alike.

In our serviced apartment there is a regular Housekeeping Services provided by the management. No matter how long your stay, the housekeeping will keep the entire house clean and tidy.

A good stress free living with Top Quality housekeeping will assist you in avoiding chaos and keeping the house clean. 

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