Best Serviced Apartments in Selaiyur

Best Serviced Apartments in Selaiyur

Best Serviced Apartments in Selaiyur

Best Serviced Apartments in Selaiyur

An Apartment is a self-contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building,generally on a Single Storey.

We Provide Periodic & On-demand Repairs and cleaning of the house to keep it in good condition.

Staying in Selaiyur is always a Unique Experience, but serviced accommodation can make all the difference. And that’s why guests choose the Daniel Silveroak  Serviced Apartments in Selaiyur because they are chosen according to an exacting criteria that puts comfort and style first, ensuring the best possible stay in the Selaiyur city. 

Daniel Silveroak serviced Appartments  offers visitors an unparalleled experience in a Tastefully Furnished private space complete with modern conveniences. The properties have also been specifically selected due to their Highly Desirable locations – ensuring that guests are never far from key landmarks and public transport hubs.

Self-Contained Apartments normally within a residential building. Gyms, restaurants and stores nearby. All utilities included i.e. water & electricity. Free Wi-Fi.Depending on your selected service level, we can take care of the cleaning for you. From daily to one-time cleaning, you decide. 

Our apartments are managed by On-site Managers who ensure that the guests have maximum safety and security in the premises. And also have guaranteed  high safety and security with Well-equipped 24 Hours Security devices like videophone, CCTV cameras and discreet entrance areas to monitor all activities in commonplaces

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